Modular System Architecture
LACON-5® is based on a new hardware approach, as you find it in professional high-end controllers and routing systems. In contrast to conventional PCs, this solution is open to almost unlimited expansion, thus allowing an easy scaling of the system without bottlenecks. LACON-5® thus adapts and grows in accordance with its requirements.

Realtime-UNIX OS
LACON-5® works with a realtime-optimized UNIX-system with micro kernel structure, as it is frequently used in safety-critical applications, such as cash dispensers or space craft control systems. “Blue Screens” and unpredictable drops in the system performance familiar from conventional PCs are a thing of the past.

Market-leading Realtime-Rendering Subsystems
Thanks to the industry-leading performance of LACON®´s rendering subsystems, you can solve such tasks as full-resolution masking with clipping, high-resolution scanline video output, automated hidden line removal, bitmap overlays, complex geometrical distortion corrections and much more, with ease.

Up to 128 independent projectors
Both, software and hardware of LACON-5® are made to handle extreme numbers of laser projectors. As an inexpensive alternative to fully featured output modules with superior point rates and rendering power, LACON-5® and LACON-5® compact also allow to integrate output extensions at lower point rates for typical market standard output.

Digital Data Link DDL-2®
LOBO’s new generation of the ILDA-awarded optical data transmission system provides a system-inherent safety logic and extensive remote-configuration functions for DDL-2® devices. By means of the devices of the DEMUX® series, DDL-2® can also be used to transport other control signals and sound to any place within the DDL® network.

Integrated Audio Hard Disk Recorder
An integrated hard disk recorder with balanced analog and digital ports (S/PDIF, AES/EBU) gives you the freedom to arrange the soundtrack directly in your show creation environment supported by a waveform display. Simply add sound effects in perfect sync with your show or change the timing of audio at any point of the production process.

Thanks to its UNIX operating system, LACON-5® comes with an unmatched platform-independent connectivity via Ethernet. With their standard Ethernet port, LACON-5® workstations easily share data with any other computer platform.

Multimedia Control
LACON-5® has also been designed as a media control center providing expansion modules, an open driver structure and a user interface which allows the programming of systems controlable by DMX, MIDI, RS-232, digital channels or time code. Hence, for most applications, LACON-5® has everything you need to run multimedia shows.

TriDome® Full Dome Laser Projections
For planetariums and domes, LOBO´s TriDome® technology creates stunning full-dome 3D animations as well as three-dimensional beam sculptures in the audience. Combining multiple projectors, this new approach completely covers spherical surfaces with crisp and bright laser images at projection angles up to 360° x 270°.

Premium Support
LACON-5® users receive dedicated support right from the start: comprehensive individual training at the LOBO facilities, detailed printed documentation as well as telephone support by our developers ensure the best possible use of the system. With LOBO's HelpLink, our specialists even assist you directly in your own LACON-5® environment.

All data necessary for laser and multimedia shows, such as graphics, sound files, bitmaps, setup information and much more are saved in so-called albums. As most people work in fundamentally different ways, the graphical user interface of the album and all editors can be customized with settings according to your personal working style.

Graphics Editor
The integrated graphics editor is the perfect environment for creating 3-D laser objects in a time-saving vector format. Bitmaps can be used as a background, to color graphics or to sculpt 3D objects. In addition to laser-optimized fonts, you can also use standard TrueType fonts to create text. More than 1.000 different fonts are already included.

Import filters for the most commonly used laser show file formats allow you to use laser graphics from foreign platforms. The included WindowsTM-based LACON® File Converter transforms standard vector graphics on your PC into LACON® laser graphics. The optional 3-D Converter even transforms conventional 3-D animations into laser.

Show Editor
A new hierarchical Timeline Editor for thousands of tracks and a laser preview allows efficient programming with an optimal overview, even in complex shows for many projectors. Underneath the audio waveform display you place laser animations, Scanline® videos, beam and mirror effects as well as commands for media and periphery control.

Open Plug-in Effect Library
LACON-5® comes with a large plug-in library of realtime special effects which can be added to your animations just by drag & drop. An easy-to-use interface allows you to modify existing effects or to create completely new effects within just a few minutes.

Live Play
The embedded Live Play software has been designed to create perfectly-synchronized atmospheric beam effects as well as screen projections to any given music on a high level of quality. Live Play can be automated thanks to its sophisticated audio processor. Live Play can also be operated by two MIDI keyboards using the optional MIDI/Live module.

Software Toolbox for Windows"TM"
The ProLine software provides a WindowsTM-based software package including not only the LACON® File Converter, but also a bitmap viewer, a file browser and a video editing suite to generate Scanline® Laser Videos. As an option the 3-D Converter and software for a complete remote control of LACON-5® from any PC are available.

Scanline® Laser Video
LOBO’s awarded Scanline® Laser Video function allows you to project video-like images and MPEG videos with your conventional laser projector in unsurpassed resolution. It is thus possible for the first time to display perfect solid text over the full projection angle.

LACON® Show Library
No other laser company has received as many awards in recent years for its shows as LOBO. With LACON-5®, you get access to probably the best and largest show library within the industry. In the form of LOBO’s software contract, you receive 12 shows per year on a subscription basis at a very attractive price.